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Composite Braiding System

  • Rocket-motor exit cones
  • Rocket thruster nozzles
  • Helicopter rotor-control rods
  • Helicopter rotor-blades
  • Thermoplastic airframe stiffeners
  • Automotive drive shafts
  • Windmill spars
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Baseball bats, tennis racquets, skis, ski poles, golf club shafts, bicycle frames, sail masts and fishing rods
  • 24 to 144 Carriers
  • Floor-mounted traverse system or overhead gantry system
  • Dedicated computer system for the automation of the braiding process, duplication of braided parts and braiding of complex parts

Technical Specifications

Models Composite Braider Systems
Number of Carriers  24 - 144 
Horn Gear Rotation Speed w/ Inverter  210 rpm 
Jog Speed( w/ inverter )  N/A 
Bobbin Dimensions  1 3/4 x 5 1/4" 
Bobbin Capacity  220 cm³ 
Braid Material  Kevlar, Carbon, Fiberglass, Pre-Impregnated Fibers 
Pull off per Bobbin  50 - 450 grams 
Diameter of Pull-off Capstan  N/A 
Central Passage  Fitted to application 
Braid Diameter Max  6" 
Reel Size  N/A 
Motor Output  Sized to fit application 
Floor Space  Depends on the number of carriers and the corresponding size of the machine 
Machine Weight  Depends on the number of carriers and the corresponding size of the machine 
Noise Level  80 dB(A) 
Carrier Models  2BX & 2BDX

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